The Magnet Restaurant and Cafe


The Magnet Restaurant and Cafe is much more than its name might suggest: it’s not only about food and a wide selection of teas but it’s also a soul-warming place to recharge.

You step into a magical place if you come and visit the the Cafe in our “Paradigma Nook”. You will experience a warm welcome and a homey environment. Whether you are hungry for lunch or just want to enjoy for a few tranquil moments while sipping tea you won’t be disappointed.
45 different types of tea is offered; herbal, loose and fruit tea where even tea connoisseurs would be satisfied. Presentation does matter to us, beverages are served in authentic Hungarian hand-made pots and cups.
In the spirit of Fair trade and Health we offer organic products whether it is coffee, tea, artisan dried fruits or 100% pure juices made by Hungarian producers.

Visit the Magnet House, explore our peaceful sanctuary, relax and recharge. It is an eye-catching and heart-warming place.
We open at 8am, we offer a 3-course meal for lunch and a wide selection of pastries, homemade sandwiches and cakes until 10pm.

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MagHaz Restaurant: 

  • +36 1 235 7453 (extension 8003), +36 20 373-4993

MagHaz Cafe and books:

  • +36 1 235 7451 (extension 8001), +36 20 326 0266
  • +36 1 235 7452 (extension 8002), +36 20 325 3435